Documents Required

  • Completed English Application Form
  • Completed Urdu Application Form (not needed if you have CNIC).
  • 4 photographs (passport size).
  • Bank Draft/Bank Receipt/Postal Order/Cashier’s Cheque for the fee ($25 per card for Pakistanis living in North America, Europe, Far East and Australia and US $15/- per card for Pakistanis living in Middle East, Malaysia etc) and valid for 7 years.
  • Copy of Pakistani passport (valid or expired for not more than 1 year), front 4 pages and US visa page/Green card.
  • Copy of National ID Card (NIC) or the RG-2 (Form-B) . In case neither is available, the registration of Pakistani children born abroad may be used (Form S-1).
  • Return envelope (stamped and self-addressed, for the receipt).